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  • Rent an RV or Park Model for your Next Girls' Weekend

    So, you and your friends have decided that it’s time to get away and have a little fun, unwind, and catch up. The question now is where to go and where to stay. How about staying in a fully furnished RV or park model at South Main RV Park in Houston? These type of accommodations have more space and amenities than your average hotel room. Plus, they cost less than staying at a hotel or condo.[...]

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    5 Practical RV Travel Hacks

    To help you celebrate National Camping Month this June, we’ve put together a collection of practical tips and tricks you can use to make your life a bit easier on your next RV trip. Bring Boredom Busters for the Kids: Just prepack the supplies for each activity in a zip-top bag or plastic pencil bag, place the bags in a basket, and you’re ready to go! Keep Bugs Out of Your Drinks: [...]

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