• 5 Practical RV Travel Hacks

    May 11, 2018 | Blog | admin
  • To help you celebrate National Camping Month this June, we’ve put together a collection of practical tips and tricks you can use to make your life a bit easier on your next RV trip.

    Bring Boredom Busters for the Kids: Just prepack the supplies for each activity in a zip-top bag or plastic pencil bag, place the bags in a basket, and you’re ready to go!

    Game bags

    Keep Bugs Out of Your Drinks: Let’s face it, it’s pretty disturbing to find a bug floating in your Texas sweet tea. Here’s a creative way to keep that from happening. All it takes is a Mason jar, colorful cupcake liner, and a straw.

    Mason Jars

    Store Your Paper Products Efficiently: Purchase a dollar store magazine file holders to store your cling wrap, lunch bags, napkins, and other paper products in your RV.

    Magazine holder

    Make Your Campsite Glow: Make simple table lanterns using a mason jar and nontoxic glow stick. Cut open the stick, empty the contents into the mason jar, close it, and shake.

    Glow Jars

    Prescramble Your Eggs or Prepare an Omelet: To save space and avoid arriving at the campsite with cracked eggs, prescramble your eggs and store them in a zip-top bag or container in your refridgerator. You can also make and cook an omelet in a Ziplock freezer bag. Crack the egg into the freezer bag. Add ingredients of your choice. Mix. Zip the bag shut, making sure there is no air in the bag. Using tongs, gently place bag in a pot of boiling water. Boil until the eggs are cooked. Could take 15 minutes depending on how many bags are in the pot. When cooked, take the bag out of the boiling water with tongs. Remove omelet from bag. Top with salsa or sour cream.